Our story

  1. 2017 The year of Tangible

  2. 2016 The consolidation

    • On January the 14th, we complete our transformation into an SRL (LLC) company and we increase our share capital to 30.000 €.
    • We are ready to grow a bit more, and we want to do it based on solid foundations.
    • Antonio, Giulia and Edoardo join the team.
    • We organise a new event with Jeff Gothelf. This one is a workshop on Lean UX for the Enterprise, in Milano.
    • Fabio and GNV&Partners end their 4-year long cooperation
  3. 2015 We grow up some more

  4. 2014 The new office

  5. 2013 Ilaria joins the team

    • Ilaria starts collaborating with GNV&Partners.. After years of running into each other at conferences and events and getting to know ourselves better, we start working together on the project for the MUSE of Trento. Ilaria has many years of collaboration with e-xtrategy, and her agile approach fits very well into what we have built through the years. She adds awareness, it’s a perfect match.
  6. 2012 Luca becomes a partner

    • GNV&Partners buys Siloos and Luca becomes partner. He focuses on front-end development and takes charge of the financial management of our company. Marianna starts taking her first steps as a designer and she progressively quits front-end coding.
    • Fabio Fabbrucci starts collaborating with GNV&Partners as front-end developer.
    • During these years, we work with some of the most interesting Italian startups, participating to the first phases of Spreaker, MoneyFarm and Blomming.
  7. 2010 Marianna becomes partner

    • After years working together, Marianna becomes a partner.
    • We definitively stop projects based on Wordpress and we focus on digital experience design and cover all value chain up to front-end. We have clear ideas on what kind of company we want to build and we want to grow up.
    • We renovate our office, doubling the space we had before. We make room for a team.
  8. 2008 New projects and news partners

    • Luca and his company, Siloos, start collaborating with GNV&Partners coding front-end and back-end. Together, we realise several projects and build a shared portfolio of clients.
    • In autumn, we start a collaboration with Ideato that will last for many years. We learn a lot about agile methodologies and we work on large-scale projects, most of them in the publishing industry, reciprocally integrating our skills in experience design and back-end development.
  9. 2006 Wordpress goes boom

    • Marianna starts collaborating with GNV&Partners as front-end developer.
    • Wordpress phenomenon explodes and we are among the first to design and implement themes starting from scratch: this is what takes us to work with clients from USA and from all over the world, Matt Mullenweg in primis, Wordpress inventor.
  10. 2004 So it begins

    • February the 4th Nicolò founds GNV&Partners snc, he is 21 and invests 5.000 € in capital stock and equipment.
    • The goal is to have a facility where he could work on his web projects and consultancies.
    • The first office is a room with a desk, next door to Nicolò’s house.
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