Service and product innovation

We guide you from business strategy to execution, making innovation happen by designing services and digital products.

We shape ideas and turn plans into projects that are actionable and tested with people.

We accelerate innovation projects

Aimed at de-risking projects and keeping initial investments low, we design services and prototype digital products and test them with the people that will use them, shortening the loop from idea to validation.

We keep business people, stakeholders and technology experts involved and engaged throughout our design process.

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Digital+Physical and future-looking

We map and analyze all the user-facing touchpoints, both digital and physical, to design services that are ready for the hybrid and complex world we live in.

Broad vision and realistic action plans

We build together a service-product vision for the mid term, which sets the direction for a rapid, iterative execution. We detail action plans and roadmaps that are feasible and realistic, and that enable strategic decisions and team allocation.

We can also take care of the execution of digital projects, designing the individual touchpoints in detail.

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How we work

  • 1 dedicated design team
  • 2-4 months average project duration
  • workshops and co-design
  • work together with business, stakeholders and tech partners
  • field research
  • data analysis
  • map of enabling technologies
  • design of the service between digital and physical touchpoints
  • prototyping
  • validation and user testing
  • design vision and action plan

We strive to imagine and design services and products that positively impact the business, the people and the environment at large, be it the social or natural environment. We look to partner with clients that care about Profit, People and Planet.

We are a Benefit Corporation: talking about desirable futures and designing for that purpose is not just marketing for us, but a formal commitment and part of our company’s charter.

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