Service design

Crafting fluid, cross-channel experiences

If your company or startup offers a service bridging digital and physical worlds, we map your users’ needs and visualize your internal processes, to help you orchestrate them and deliver fluid, cross-channel experiences.


In your users’ shoes

Every service can be visualized by tracing a line, called visibility line: above that line we describe users’ actions when they interact with your service.

We begin from understanding your users’ needs and habits when they use your service. We dig deeper to discover their context, their emotions and motivations, mapping the strength- and pain-points of your service.

Behind the scenes

Below the visibility line we map the internal processes of your company, related to both internal and external touch-points of your service.

We help you visualize the processes that occur while the service is being delivered by your company, clarifing the roles of the people involved and the value they add to your users’ experience. This map helps you define roles, actions and connections among departments and units.

Discover frictions and opportunities

Along the visibility line we list the touch-points: the digital and physical points through which users interact with your service.

The map is now complete: above the line we have the visibile processes (front-stage), with which users interact directly; below the line we have invisible processes (back-stage), internal to your company.
Thanks to this snapshot we can discover frictions and opportunities of your service and we can guide you to match your touch-points to your internal processes, to deliver meaningful experiences. This also helps business, design and stakeholders to think in a way that is both holistic and specific to your company, without constraints from ready-made solutions and platforms.

Connect the dots

Once mapped the touch-points and processes, we are ready to work on the digital touch-points, turning them into design projects we can help you build and deliver. All that with a clear idea of where they fit into your service.

What we design evolves with your business strategy, your users’ needs and technologies. That’s why we don’t just design your digital touch-points, but we go back to observing and interviewing users, iterating and helping you evolve your service to adapt to emerging contexts and opportunities.

Do you want to design a service or redesign your digital ecosystem?