Lean design

Choose the right thing and do it well

If your company or startup already has a digital product on the market, we work with you to deliver an experience that is memorable and measurable, open to evolution.
We craft every detail of your product’s user interfaces and shape your digital identity.

We work with a process that mixes design with Agile and Lean.
We help you define priorities and then work in short cycles, to keep feedback constant, people engaged and reduce waste to the minimum.


Definition & setup

We help you describe your digital product from four perspectives: business goals, brand identity, technology constraints and opportunities, users’ needs and habits. We consider the short, medium and long term vision of the product.

We define the scenarios that will guide us to find the right solutions, we evalutate feasibility and list priorities together with you and and all teams involved.
We anticipate risks, validate assumptions and make implicit pieces of informations explicit, enabling decisions and making an action plan that fits time and budgets and is open to future evolution.

Our tools: user interviews • workshops with owners and stakeholders • user tests • personas • scenarios • experience mapping • user journey mapping • information architecture • analytics and KPIs • prototypes • surveys • euristic evaluation • MVP

Design & prototyping

We design and prototype the hypothesized solutions based on the insights gained from the research and definition phase.

We explain our decisions and make our intentions visible in order to share them with you, explore alternatives, collect new informations and iterate until we feel the solutions are right and work fine.

We define the rules to be followed, so that the interfaces gain consistency across platforms and devices. This gradual process allows us to give you guidance while you write your contents and build your software.

Our tools: wireframes • prototypes • user experience design • information architecture • user tests • visual design • user interface design • visual styleguides

Front-end development

TWe code HTML, CSS, animations and micro-behaviors. We break interfaces down into atomic components creating the front-end styleguides.

This method allows us to test the digital product while it takes its final shape and to create systems that promote consistency and scalability, also for its future evolutions.

We collaborate with your team to integrate our front-end with your development environment and we check that the final result works fine and matches the design.

“Works ok” is not enough: we strive to make your product memorable.

Our tools: rapid prototyping • frontend styleguides • responsive frontend development • javascript behaviors


Test & outcomes

How would we know that the final output is reaching the expected outcome? What questions will it answer?

Thanks to the initial definition and reserach, team and stakeholders know the delivered product is a destination but also a starting point for further evolutions. This is why for us it essential to build it open to data collection and to test it again.
Now we then ready to gather new users’ feedbacks. We work with you to define KPIs and A/B tests and monitor results.

We build a neutral basis that will inform your future decisions and that will help you find your next priorities.

Lo facciamo con: A/B test • surveys • user tests • analytics and kpi • euristic evaluation

We generated tangible outcomes both for companies and startups

e-commerce conversion rate
4,5 mil
investment raised

traffic from mobile devices
Do you wish to (re)design your digital product?