Digital service and product design

We give structure, shape, modularity and consistency to your digital products. We design them to be aligned to your business goals, working side by side with tech teams and stakeholders. We test them with users and measure the key results to address future developments.

Interactions and interfaces designed in every detail

We design the information architecture, the navigation, the interactions and the interfaces of each functionality, defining every detail of the product and grounding the decisions in the business goals, the technological ecosystem, the scenarios and the users’ needs and contexts.

Design Systems for consistent and evolutive products

We build the library of the components of the interface and define the guidelines and the rules for their use. Every functionality is designed to be modular and robust. The system collects documentation and components in one single place, giving teams autonomy in designing and developing new functions.

Iterative process and constant feedback

We work close to the client, stakeholders, partners and suppliers to share ideas and solutions, check their feasibility and kick-off the activities of the execution teams involved in the project. For us, the best project happens when our design team works in sync with the development team.

Test and continuous improvement

Thanks to a shared roadmap and a process synchronised with all the teams involved in the project, we validate all the functionalities included in each release together with the business team, developers and users. We define data and KPI to measure the product, we analyse them and enable decisions on possible evolutions.

From data reporting and user tests, new ideas and opportunities for new services or products may come to light. We can support you in making them concrete and actionable.

Find out how

How we work

  • 1 dedicated design team
  • 3 months of minimum effort
  • 6 - 12 months average project duration
  • qualitative research
  • service design
  • user experience design
  • interaction design
  • user interface design
  • front-end pattern libraries
  • design systems
  • accessibility
  • prototyping
  • validation and user testing
  • data analysis
  • project management
  • coordination with business, stakeholders, tech teams

We strive to imagine and design services and products that positively impact the business, the people and the environment at large, be it the social or natural environment. We look to partner with clients that care about Profit, People and Planet.

We are a Benefit Corporation: talking about desirable futures and designing for that purpose is not just marketing for us, but a formal commitment and part of our company’s charter.

Case Studies

Let’s work together to (re)design your digital product or build your Design System