My appearances are numerous. The first one in public was even in 1977:

Guerre stellari

L'Impero colpisce ancora

Il ritorno dello Jedi

La minaccia fantasma

L'attacco dei cloni

La vendetta dei Sith

Rogue One

I have worked on TV too, with no glittering success, though:

The Clone Wars


If you have scrolled this far, it means that I've grabbed your attention!

I hate to describe myself. What I can surely tell you is that I am a frequent driver of my car, I spend almost 8 hours a week commuting home-office-clients. If you want to go a bit deeper on the serious version of my profile, call me and let's have a chat.

When I don't drive, I work. When I don't work, I drive! :)

I am constantly looking for places where there's no signal for my mobile phone and where I can practice some sport. This really helps me unplug from work and let off steam.

I have talked about

Simplyfing complexity through design

Fattor Comune Live, 2020

Workshop: the value of the experience

UX Book Club Verona 2015

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Workshop: Lean Prototyping

Dev Marche 2014

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